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We offer a range of sculptures with a difference… They're holographic sculptures that touch the soul and connect with you wherever you move, because they are three-dimensional.

These are images that follow you from whichever angle you look at them. Though these look convex, they are actually concave.

Each sculpture is individually hand-crafted. The collection includes Shiva, Ganesha, Jesus Christ, Guru Nanak, Mother Mary, Ganesha, Krishna, Parsvanath, Lakshmi, Satya Sai Baba, Laughing Buddha, Mahavir… a Tushiv in its myriad forms. There are also zodiac signs, grinning skulls, crescent-shaped moons, happy suns and more contemporary designs.

These are priced from Rs 6,000 for a small piece to Rs 42,000 for a large, wall-mountable, framed work.

Each sculpture uses an ancient Indonesian technique that’s patented.

The beauty of such sculptures is that they are virtually maintenance free and are made from environment friendly material—recycled aluminium, brass, wood, metal and stone.

Fetured Product
Ganesh Wood Frame
Back then…
I first caught sight of a 3-D sculpture of Lord Mahavir while on a vacation to Indonesia. I was attracted to it. It appealed to my eye for its detail and love for beauty. I took it to my home in Singapore. My father used to return from work and spend a lot of time before the sculpture.

I reckoned that if my family members and I were attracted towards a 3-D image, so would others including art lovers.

My first exhibition in Singapore in 2004 was well received. It was then that I went in and signed up with the Indonesian company that made the sculptures.

Finally, I got the company to make diverse Indian images. Thus emerged Satya Sai Baba, Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Kali, Lord Shiva, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Guru Gobind Singh and many other such images.

I saw a strong connection between spirituality and art. These pieces are not only for the prayer room.

That explains others like the zodiac signs and contemporary figures. Besides, having a showroom in Singapore, and a distribution network in the US, Canada and South Africa, our plans are to open more showrooms in India as well.

Unique & special…

Each piece of work has the personal touch of the sculptor. It's sculpted with feeling. You can tell by the way it emanates tranquillity, that it's got the heart and soul of the artiste who created it.

Tushiv’s sculptures sit in the homes of some of the biggest industrialists and media folk in India. There's one in film celebrity Simi Garewal's home and the Dandiya Queen Falguni Pathak’s has one as well. Some of our admirers and clients include the Makers and the Birlas.

Besides, Tushiv has scores of customers and admirers in the US, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. In India, many of our clients include pharmaceutical and information technology companies, entertainment and television media companies and banks. Indian Overseas Bank in Singapore is a customer, as well.

Although the sculptures are now available, they are not mass-marketed. All of the large and medium-sized sculptures come with a certificate of authenticity and a serial number. That means sooner, rather than later, each piece will become a collector's item. Only 300 pieces of each type are made. That makes them limited-edition pieces, which would appreciate in value, as time goes by.

Architects and interior designers love them, and so do their clients. They find these hand-crafted, three - dimensional holographic sculptures have a magic of their own. That's why they are preferred over other embellishments when it comes to decorating any space. An ordinary sculpture, for instance, is unlikely to radiate the tranquillity of one of these.

The well known architect Parag Parekh, of J P Parekh & Sons, who has designed several landmarks in Mumbai such as Saifee Hospital and Peninsula Park, has designed our showroom in the Atria mall in Mumbai. He was impressed by the clean lines of the products that would adorn the shelves of the showroom. Now he has a Tushiv in his home.

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